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Pain Into Power is a movement inspired by domestic violence survivors and the healing journey of self love through our media platform (in collaboration with iHeart Radio & Pandora) and our non-profit program where we help women heal physically, emotionally and spiritually. Due to so many requests to include men's mental health, we will be including content for men as well. 

I hope you find healing... The first step was visiting this page. My entire movement is inspired by survivors, whether you are a survivor of domestic violence or sexual abuse, whatever it is, you survived and you are here. Pain Into Power is my heart and soul, I know it's not easy to heal being a survivor of both, experiencing the ups and downs and let's be honest, it never just "goes away." Those physical and/or mental scars are with us forever but it depends on what you do with it and how you handle it. Scars show strength, scars show healing, scars show struggles, scars tell a story. What is yours? What is your story and your message after you experienced these traumatic situations? What are you going to do about your triggers and your pain? Are you going to turn your pain into power or are you going to sit there with it, not face it and let it eat you up inside? Are you going to let it control your life or are you going to take control of the situation and come out stronger? in spite of it. 

Here's my message. The people/person who hurt you were projecting their pain and insecurities onto you. They saw the light within you, it bothered their darkness, as they let their emotions pent up into anger. Don't be that person. That toxic, narcissistic person was only breaking you down because they were not comfortable within their own skin. They mentally and emotionally abused you because they could not rise up to your level, to your standards. The mind games are traumatic, destroying everything from your self esteem to your happiness. Calling you worthless, making you feel ugly, as if you weren't shit... well let me tell ya something, they knew your worth, they just didn't want you to know it. 

You cannot heal if you keep running away from what hurt you. You have to turn around and face it. You have to look it in the eye and be determined to fight those demons or they will forever chase you around. This is why it is important to take care of you, to spend time with just yourself, to feel your emotions. It starts here. It starts now. We're healing, we're loving ourselves, we're building self confidence, we're strutting our stuff. We are sexy. We are beautiful. We are amazing. We are Queens. We are Goddesses. We are love & light. 

Pain Into Power is a safe space for women to share their experiences and speak up about their traumas to those who relate. We hold self defense classes and healing circles (resuming after Covid-19). I also have posted up a few blogs regarding healing tactics with much more to come especially for those interested in spiritual healing (which has helped me tremendously). During the pandemic, I have recently started a group to those interested in supporting others and having support throughout their healing journeys. For more information on how to join, please email me at amberle@painintopower.co. 


Amber Le

Amber Le  is a media personality and domestic violence advocate, After spending nearly a decade working in broadcasting and radio for various brands, Amber went to create her own company, a domestic violence program and a healing media platform, “Pain Into Power” is a lifestyle brand that promotes self love, women empowerment and mental health awareness.


“It’s about how well you connect with a person’s heart, trying to help and communicate your understanding back to them.”


She is currently executive assistant to Power 105’s DJ Suss One and Editor In Chief of The Feature Presentation in addition to operating Pain Into Power. Her hustle comes from witnessing her family struggling to give her whatever she wanted along with many years of bartending. Behind the bar, slanging bottles and throwing back shots was the bread and butter that paid her bills while also allowing her to invest into her business, therefore birthing the non-profit organization that she dubbed “Pain Into Power.”


“Don’t let anybody knock your hustle. Get to the bag so you can level up! Never depend on anyone else to give you what you want, they don’t have the vision you have.”  


While she started out with dreams of becoming a broadcaster for NFL Network, her abusive relationship took a toll on her career while climbing the ranks. During that time, she’s endured mental and physical abuse that altered the perception of her career. Throughout the process of healing, Le finally figured out how to morph her passions into one, her love for music and media, her mission for women empowerment and mental health awareness and her advocacy against domestic violence and sexual abuse. Pain Into Power is where media meets mental health. 


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