6 Ways To Keep Your Business Moving During These Trying Times

I hope everyone has been holding up as well as they can during this quarantine. It's a tough time for a lot of us and majority of us are attempting to use our time wisely, whether you're using the time to heal, cleanse and rest or you're investing your time into your businesses, blogs and other endeavors. My marketing manager, Julio and I wanted to figure out how we can help entrepreneurs during the lockdown. Although it's a little scary outside, what is important is that we can be in the comfort of our own homes. Instead of counting the days until the pandemic is over and reading up on negative social media posts, here is something you can try instead to preoccupy your time and be a little more productive. My website has gone from 2 visits per month to 400 visits and April isn't even over. Of course, I screamed in excitement as I'm witnessing the growth day by day. Please also understand that success does not happen overnight and it is going to take some legwork to pick up the momentum. Give these tips a try and let us know how it worked for you and your brand. We would love your feedback!

Update Your Website

  • Put your best foot forward with a simple and easy to navigate website that conveys your brand’s personality and attracts your ideal client archetype. If you are a brick and mortar company put your products for sale online. Make sure you website is mobile friendly!

Facebook Ads

  • Attention should be the number one asset for businesses, and keeping eyes on your business during this time can certainly keep your momentum going. Creating Facebook ads can help you generate online sales, and help you reach new people and current customers so that they think of you before your competition. 

Boost Online Reviews

  • Referrals will always be one of your top sources for attracting new clients, so ask ask your customers to leave an online review of your business. Generating more positive online reviews on Google, Yelp, or Facebook can greatly impact your business!

Promote Visually Engaging Content

  • People love to see creativity, so whether it’s through your social media platforms, a blog, or your website, make sure you’re utilizing great images that showcase your business. 

Create Videos

  • Create engaging videos that speaks of your brand’s story, or shoot mini videos of your products you offer. This helps your potential prospects and customers learn more about you and what you have to offer. 

Run A Contest

  • Host a fun contest that incentives guests to engage with your social media, online presence, and services in a way that they usually wouldn’t. Select a random winner or enter them in a raffle for a chance to win a prize! 


You have now found a few ways to keep your business moving during these trying times. Put these powerful tips into action, even after this disruption, and watch your hard work turn into strong relationships, paying (and happy) customers, and increased revenue!

Take It a Step Further

Want even more help with planning? 4th and 6 Media and Pain Into Power has used all of these tactics to increase our own brand awareness as well as help other local business owners do the same. For more information contact us at team4thand6media@gmail.com or schedule a call with our VP of Business Development,  Julio here calendly.com/gonzalezj



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