It looks like we have 30 more days to go before the gyms are open and we're back to our regular schedules before this pandemic hit us so hard. During this time, my trainer Kenisha Brockington and I have agreed to collaborate and give away a one month training program. YAYYY! It's geared towards women to not only have you comfortable working out in the comfort of your own home but it will also teach you the correct ways to do exercises such as push ups, squats, etc.

This is very important to me and to others because getting into fitness helped me with my mental. It was apart of my healing, you cannot just heal yourself mentally - it comes with improving yourself all around. Whether it's walking, running, dancing, yoga - something active. Kei was the first trainer i EVER had. and she still is to this day. don't let anybody tell you different! She was willing to work with me during an extremely tough time in my life and made me so comfortable working out at home that I was able to step into the gym. Life hasn't been the same for me since. Fitness is apart of self care so when you see the women with our gym bags and our shakers, we are challenging ourselves everyday to become better physically and mentally. Setting goals and accomplishing them. The best part, it's you against you so if you cheat, you are only cheating yourself.

Years before this quarantine, Kei was already holding online classes and her program had me in the best shape of my life! Now, we're going to get on track TOGETHER. We as in me, you, the rest of the women participating in this one month program. We're going to come out of this lockdown with bigger booties and flatter tummies. I'm not even joking when I say this. I want everybody participating in this training to send us before pictures or videos and when May 1st hits, we're going to send the after pictures/videos and post them up to see how far we've come as a unit. Women empowering women. Your health is so important during this time. As much as we want to leave the house and continue our jobs or our normal routines, that's not happening until April 30th so until then, let's get right. Summer isn't too far away and we all know that after we're done being grounded by the government, we're going to want to POP TF OUT with our bikinis, sun dresses, leggings, shorts, whatever you're into. Let's emerge from this lockdown as the better version of ourselves.

So for this week, get yourselves ready.

First tutorial Kei has for you is how to properly do push ups. Like I said, each week we are going to be teaching you how to correctly do an exercise for those who still need to learn proper form. Don't get discouraged because we all have to go through this process but once you get it, it's like muscle memory. It will come to you like second nature.

The point of this one month fitness program is to not only let it be a month or a temporary habit while you're currently on lock down, it's meant to become apart of your lifestyle. We're discussing how to change your eating habits for the better in tomorrow's blog. Please be aware that classes officially start THURSDAY. The Zoom link will be provided in the blog along with some other helpful tips so if you don't already have Zoom, please download it. Classes are every TUESDAY, THURSDAY & SATURDAY starting APRIL 2ND. Below is currently a link to this morning's class just for you to see how it's going to go. Feel free to try. Before we begin though, please take note of all the basic rules our trainer has provided us for our own health and safety purposes.

All exercises are done at your own risk. Always consult with your doctor before starting a workout routine!


1. Exercise at-least 3-5x a week (2-3 class days and 1-2x a week on your own for 20 mins cardio (jump rope, dancing, YouTube a beginner cardio video, etc.)

2. If you’re new to working out, follow all beginner version exercises and reps that Kei gives in the videos.

3. Drink as close to a gallon of water a day as possible and hydrate before ALL EXERCISE (24-32oz. At least 35-45 mins before exercise)

4. If you begin to feel uncomfortable during your workout, STOP OR TAKE BREAKS when needed! Listen to your body! DO WHAT YOU CAN, not what you CAN'T!

5. Eat as clean as possible using the suggested food list attached (5-6 meals (3 small meals & 2-3 snacks) have LOTS OF FRUITS & VEGGIES, proteins, nuts / seeds and High quality grains. This will be posted up tomorrow.

6. Little to no alcohol! No sugar, no dairy, no white pasta, junk foods or fried foods, use the snack alternatives given (this is where it gets hard. lol)

7. Log into our FREE LIVE CHAT every Thursday at 8PM for support and questions!

Click here to begin your "demo" class. For more information on who Pain Into Power's trainer is, please visit the ABOUT US page. The video is showing a live class (which takes place at 6AM) but it is recorded for your benefit to do on your own time. You can also fast forward to the 8 minute mark to begin.


Amber Le

My executive board is sending you love and light. Below are their testimonies as to why fitness and health is important.

"Pain Into Power’s fitness blog will be a great reminder to every woman that “you are your greatest investment.”  It’s important to remain active and eat well during challenging times. It’s overwhelming to have so much time on your hands and not knowing what to do with it- but this is the time to make a lifestyle change.  Staying active helps reduce stress, increase energy, improve mood, and even helps us be more creative.  All of our daily activities revolve around our mental and physical health.  The CEO of Pain Into Power wants women to not live in fear, but to push through the pain and keep moving.  I absolutely want to support that voice. I wouldn’t be where I am today if I didn’t take the time to invest in a strong, healthy mind and body."

- Social Media Marketing Manager of Retro Fitness,  Ivette Epps

"During this period of time, its extremely important to eat healthy and stay active.You don’t need fancy equipment or a lot of time either,  you just need to intertwine  exercise into your schedule. With most of us staying home there is no better time then to 'just do it.' The amount of time we spend thinking about it, is the time we can all be doing. With these simple at home exercise routines, not only will it help you feel better, but help clear our mindsets during this extreme time where daily news clips are causing anxiety and fear while quarantined."

- Assistant and Blogger, Boom Boom

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