Grounding Yourself: The Most Crucial To Spiritual Healing

Updated: May 23, 2020

When life hits you, it makes you her punching bag. We've all felt this way at one point in time and many of us are feeling this way at this point in time being quarantined due to this pandemic. Sometimes you feel like giving up, other times you're just really frustrated and that's mostly from being overwhelmed. The solution is to "ground yourself." In the first blog, Kay Thoth and I touched base on protecting your energy. Now, she's going to teach you how to ground yourself which is the most crucial process in healing. I don't know about you but I've had some rough patches and some good patches. What this quarantine taught me is to pay more attention to me, my needs and my boundaries.

My normal schedule before COVID-19 was extremely busy. I was only home to sleep, I was working overtime at both jobs while still trying to maintain my own media platform. I was putting so much effort into everyone else's businesses, I was putting mine on the back burner. Although I was running around doing so much, it still felt like I wasn't doing enough. Pain Into Power was getting neglected and I didn't even notice. Now what I do is make sure my baby comes first and balance my schedule so I have ample time for other work but I am my own CEO and employee and if the CEO isn't making money, the employee isn't getting paid. I don't mean this in actual money by the way, I mean this as in time, appreciation, dedication and grind. That's what I mean when I say "moneybag mode" or "get money." As I started pouring more of my heart and soul into my brand, my entire being felt more complete and with that came a plethora of blessings. Blessings I would have missed because I was so busy putting friends and family before my own self. More self love equals more self care which eventually leads up to setting boundaries and firmly standing by them. My boundaries are not to offend you, they are meant to protect me and my energy.

The higher you climb, the more people are going to try and attack you. The more you gain, the more they're going to try and take from you. Do not allow yourself to be drained of your own light. We all should know how to protect our energy by now, so let's take it a step further and learn how to ground ourselves. I'm passing the pen over to Kay as I ask the questions covering the basics.

What does grounding yourself mean spiritually?

Grounding yourself is all about building a solid foundation (metaphorically speaking) from your root chakra, enabling you to handle anything that comes your way with stance.

Why is it important to do so?

It’s so important to keep a “tight ground”, as I call it, because it’s quicker for you to bounce back when adversity or situations hit your way. It’s very crucial to anyone’s path (from Janitor to CEO) to have a solid tight ground so when things fall through the cracks, YOU won’t.

How is this crucial to the healing process?

This is the MOST crucial, actually, you need to be grounded in order to be ready to deal with anything that comes your way with grace and patience. Nowadays it’s very hard to heal, because it’s frowned upon. Some people will tell their friends to drink, smoke, and pop pills to make them not process; forgetting they have to wake up the next day with the same issue, leaving them with NO progression. All of that is temporary. Why not do something that costs nothing but your time, a few crystals and sage?

What are some exercises we can do to ground ourselves?

For those that are new, and would like to get the job done efficiently, you’re only to need about 15 minutes of time. Make sure you are in a quiet area with no distractions, and sitting in a chair. PLEASE go step by step in this, and it will work. Even if you need to do it multiple times. I actually did part of this exercise in LHHNY, Season 10 Episode 11 “Spirituali Tea” (it did not make it to the episode).

1. The best way for a beginner is to simply breathe like I mentioned in the “Protect Your Energy” Blog with Amber a few weeks ago.

2. Sitting down on a chair with your feet planted, breathe in and out (3 seconds each way) slowly and deeply. Think of nothing else but breathing at this time.. Once you finally feel relaxed, set yourself floating above the earth, looking down at the Earth’s core (world is wide open).

3. Imagine a HOLLOW cord in your hands, it can be anything you want. It can be a vine, climbing rope, aluminum tube, flower pedals, or a huge slide. The other side is connected to the fiery core of the Earth.

4. I want you to think of EVERYTHING that does NOT SERVE you!! That guy that cut you off this morning on the way to work, your ex that won’t leave you alone, the racist woman in the parking lot, family drama, your bad attitude, your obsession over shopping, gossip, etc.

5. Take everything that comes to mind and THROW IT DOWN THAT TUBE! Watch it suck into the tube and go down into the core of the Earth and disappear forever. (please note that no person will get hurt during this, you are grounding YOUR energy).

6. At this moment you should feel a really strong and fast pulling energy towards your feet (the Earth). The next step is a little bit weird, but bare with me. But before we go to the next step, throw that damn cord down too, it all goes back into the earth.

7. Make a NEW CORD, brand new. Trash that old one. It should be in your hands at this point. Shiny, sparkling, and FOR YOU. I want you to take that cord, and place it inside of you (I know it sounds weird…but we are talking about your Root Chakra). For the ladies, it’s in your kitty cat. For men, well, it’s in your butthole.

8. Tug on the cord and make sure it’s all the way in. Double check under you (the world) Is connected to your new one on the bottom end.

9. At this time everything is secure, you are welcome to thank the universe for helping you see in your third eye and remove what’s not needed and reground your energy back to where it belongs.

What items on your product line would you recommend for those getting into the spiritual healing process?

Honestly, all of my items are used for that as of right now. I dropped a new kit, The Grounding Stimulus Kit, that solely focuses on grounding, confidence, and good luck. It includes my new Vibing Tea, a beautiful Tiger’s Eye Stone, 1 Palo Santo Stick, 1 Dragon Blood Sage Stick, and one Tea Light. Since the weather is getting nicer, I recommend making Iced Tea with the Vibing Tea, an Organic/Vegan/Kosher Mango Black Tea that has light caffeine and tastes amazing.

What’s next after grounding yourself?

One thing I want to mention is that you NEVER stop grounding yourself, and there is no limit as to how many times you can a day or week. Honestly, I’ll ground multiple times a day if I need to. Sometimes we need it. Once you learn to protect and ground your energy, you are ready to enter any spiritual path you desire. When the time comes, you will feel comfortable with the strength, discipline, and patience that has come upon you. This will make you ready to enter the world with armory, spiritual armory. Sometimes, we may run out into the battlefield with no armor, and blame the other person for shooting us.

Check back for our new spiritual challenge.


Amber Lé

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