Heal & Glow Spa Day: A Relaxing Experience

Self love has been such a huge factor during the pandemic. While we are all on restrictions and curfews, it has given us a lot of time to self reflect and learn how to be a better person for ourselves. During the month of October, I sat down with two survivors, Jasmine & Samantha in honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month who told their stories for the first time. It's been a while since I've released an episode revolving around Survivor Stories. The first time was back in 2017 on an older show I hosted with Bri Woo. The results from the episode were overwhelming in such a great way. This time around, instead of being super emotional, we celebrated life after the fact. After listening, the owner of Heal & Glow, Erica reached out and offered a private spa day for the ladies who were brave enough to share their truths to the world. She blocked off two hours for the speakers of Pain Into Power to have some well deserved self care.

Our Heal & Glow day was so beautiful and intimate. The dimly lit lights with candles, flowers, champagne and chocolate covered strawberries (from My Berry Plug) created the perfect ambiance for some sister time. Everything from the decor of the place to the music set the ambiance for an amazing experience. Erica walked us through the benefits of each color and informed us of our options.

Saunas are great pain relievers, stress relievers and energizers. They help with joint and nerve pain along with insomnia and improving sleep. They detox the body from toxins and heavy metals while also boosting the immune system and regulating blood flow. Saunas can increase your metabolism and weight loss by burning up to 600 calories (60 minute session). Your skin will also benefit as they improve skin conditions. Not only that but during the time you're sitting in your sweat, you'll be releasing endorphins that will put you in a better mood and also rid you of migraines and sinus problems. The different colored lights serve their own purpose as well. Let's break it down.

Red is for anti-aging and energizing. Yellow is considered the "happy" color that resembles the sun and brings happiness and combats seasonal depression. Green is great for healing and balancing in all aspects including physical, spiritual healing and life balance. Blue is great for aches, pains and muscle soreness while calming the mind, anxiety and sleep. Orange is for improving your mood and physical healing. Last but not least, violet relaxes the brain and improves meditation.

We paired up and went into our sauna rooms where we put on towels and R&B music to complement the vibe. Each of the ladies felt so relaxed and soothed. After our sessions, we popped our second bottle of champagne as we sat and had a heart to heart about what was currently going on in our lives. We were able to relax in our warm robes while we shared a few laughs and dropped a few gems. Be sure to book your session with Heal & Glow today, located in Cranford, NJ.

Check out some pictures and videos below:

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