Updated: Apr 11, 2020

What we are doing is promoting fitness and health together. I want all of us to motivate and inspire one another. Because lemme tell ya something, when I look through stories and statuses and I see women working out, it motivates me to get my ass up and work out too. Or at least do a couple squats or something. Work out gear is also SEXY af, so go ahead and take a selfie or post up a video. And if we're locked down in our homes right now, then let's make the best of it. A lot of us are stressed tf out and doing our best to keep our heads up, no matter how we are dealing with this quarantine, we are still in it together. Women empowerment. We preach it but let's really abide by it during this hard time. Let's keep each other motivated to continue being healthy even though we want to be sitting on the couch, drowning in ice cream. There's nothing wrong with this every ONCE in a while though. Let's really be a PAIN INTO POWER MOVEMENT and raise awareness to the importance of fitness and mental health. Let's heal as a sisterhood.

Now here are the rules, we're keeping it basic, don't worry.

1. Post up whatever it is you are comfortable posting up. You don't have to film yourself mid workout if you don't want to. You can take a picture of your smoothie, protein shake or healthy meals. You can post up a sexy story of you in work out gear or you sweating in a tshirt and your hair pulled up. Embrace your body. We are all trying to reach our goals. There is no room for judgment. Look at yourself in the mirror and love yourself enough to invest time into keeping it nice and tight. Self confidence starts with you. You can spare 20-30 minutes during this quarantine to lose that weight, or gain that butt, or tone up those arms. The website will be updated with Kei's BUTT & GUT classes. If you choose to do your own, that is alright too. But keep in mind that she is MY trainer so I can give my testimony regarding getting the best results.

2. Tag @painintopower__ (and @madeinvietnam__ if you would like). We are turning our pain into power. We are going to make sure that we grow during this time. Our evolution is now, the world isn't going to be the same after this. Neither should we. We do not care if you use filters, we don't care if you don't. We don't care if you have makeup on. Do whatever makes you feel beautiful, comfortable and confident. This isn't about us, this is about YOU. All we care about is your participation to get healthy with us.

3. The winner will be invited to be a guest on my Pain Into Power Podcast which is in collaboration with The Madison Jaye Show so we will be streaming on iHeart Radio and Pandora. Last season, Madison hit 1M listeners. For season 3, I have the pleasure of joining her to heal the world, one segment at a time. That's not all because I have more prizes, just getting them finalized first. You never know what I might be giving away next! We will calculate this by participation points so every story/post you tag @painintopower__ in, we will tally it up until May 1st! You will also be entered into a raffle the minute you participate! Even if it's not about being on the podcast, it's about becoming apart of a movement, a sisterhood, a support group.

I truly hope you all join me in this Pain Into Power movement, this is a challenge to better yourselves, improve your mind, body and soul. Also, I'll be writing a lot more, not just about fitness but tips and healing techniques that work for us and our ladies. Please feel free to reach out to us whenever. We are here to help and keep you healthy in all aspects. THIS IS A JUDGMENT FREE ZONE! Join me on this journey to celebrate the strength in every woman.

Check out some of the participants' posts below:



Side Note: I put together a list of things that you may need, such as booty bands, waist trainers, preworkout, etc. They're not expensive and it does help. I will continue adding to the list. These are products that I use and yes, I made sure there were some cute things. Click here to check out the product list.

Click here to attend Kei's SLIM THICK CLASS. fast forward to about the 5 minute mark.

You can always go back in the blogs for previous classes and the food list is posted as well. Remember, we would love your feedback as to how we could make the website/blogs/content better. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns or what topics you would like me to cover. I'm thinking about putting together a couple of interviews during this time that will push us women. Let's HEAL together my Queens. Join us in the PIP CHALLENGE!

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