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Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Where do you even start when you want to heal from all the traumas you have been through? How do you even go about it? What’s the first step? The first step starts with you. You have to stop running and preoccupying yourself to avoid your feelings. If you have to find ways to stop thinking about it, it’s time to think about it. During this quarantine, Pain Into Power is going to help you through it. It is important to take advantage of this time because the truth of the matter is none of us know when the lockdown will be over. So while we are within the walls of our own homes, we need to heal so we can come out of this crisis as a better person.

I have teamed up with Kay Thoth, a celebrity psychic numerologist, who will help us along the spiritual healing journey for those of you who are willing to step up in your life. We are first going to start with how to go about protecting your energy. Kay Thoth said “You can’t heal unless you learn to protect.” Following her mother’s steps in being a teacher and a mathematician, Kay remixed her own mission to be a spiritual teacher with an infinite knowledge in numbers, bringing her to numerology.

“In order for me to deliver my message to the world and teach, it must be as authentic as possible, and that is with the ancient teachings of numerology. I found a way to combine my spiritual gifts with factual findings in numbers to provide help and finer perspectives for people who come across my path.”

Let me introduce you to my partner for the Pain Into Power spiritual journey so you can get to know her better.

Amber: What is your message to those who are trying to heal? In this case, majority of my audience are domestic violence survivors and women in general.

Kay: My message is to never give up. There is NO time frame to start healing, and healing never stops. It is a constant cycle in life, I promise it will get easier for you to handle as you travel through the most windy roads in the future. Don’t ever think for one second you are alone, the universe is here to provide everything you need, you just need to learn how to speak your language with them.

Amber: What do you feel your overall purpose is?

Kay: My overall purpose is to help ease the mind of the madness around us. Not everything needs to have attention paid to, and most things we miss must be paid attention to. Symbols, signs, numbers, and vibrations are created for you as a language we were never taught to have with the universe! It’s Free! One must understand that the beauty of being grounded must have protection first. You can’t go running out into a field with no armor, weapons, or protection. You will get shot down. Prepare yourself for the world around you, everything else is background noise.

Let's Get To Healing!

What does protecting your energy mean and how do we go about it?

Let’s start with what exactly your energy is, and that is an extension of you. When you’re happy, the area you are in feels great, you’re carefree and limitless. When you’re upset, aggravated, or carrying weight, it feels dragging, almost as if you’re walking with wet shoes on.

  1. The best way for a beginner is to simply breathe. Sitting down on a chair with your feet planted, or your legs crossed when you’re sitting on the floor. If you don’t want to close your eyes at first, breathe in and out (3 seconds each way) slowly and deeply. Think of nothing else but breathing. Once you finally feel relaxed, close your eyes, and keep breathing in and out. Imagine a white beam coming from the ceiling, sky, or whatever is above you, shooting in white light into your crown chakra. Your crown chakra is the closest to the universe, and needs to be the strongest. Any white light that is missing from your aura is now going to be replenished. When you feel ready, go ahead and open your eyes.

  2. Stand up! This is something you should do barefoot, outside on the grass is best if you can. Plant your feet on the ground, and make sure they are apart, matching your shoulder blades. Whatever is now remaining, we are going to sweep it off of you into the Earth, and let the rest of the white light shine in.

  3. SET INTENTION! Put your hands in a cup motion in front of you, as if someone is pouring you your favorite candy into your hands. You want your hands about where your heart is to set in the intention. Breathe deeply again! Don’t forget to breathe! Stare at the palm of your hands while doing this, and say, “I choose to remove what does not serve me, I ask the universe to protect and replenish me.” Say it THREE TIMES, with intention. Put a piece of paper in front of you with this written down so you don’t forget, but keep your hands cupped.

  4. Place your hands as high as you can towards the sky, ceiling, whatever is above you. Stretch your fingers out as far as you can and take a deep breath. Once you breath out, start sweeping your aura. Sweep your aura (without physically touching yourself) from HEAD to TOE ONLY IN A DOWNWARD MOTION. Sweep your hands in a motion as if you are removing a crumb off of your shirt, but in this case, you’re sweeping your whole aura. Know that you are giving mother earth and the universe the permission to remove what does NOT serve your energy and path, replacing and replenishing you with white light that ONLY serves you.

  5. Once you are finished, you’re welcome to go ahead and sage your space with the windows open. Best advice is to leave the windows open for a few hours to remove anything that does not belong. Sometimes energy can be super heavy, and residual.

What else can we do to protect our energy?

  • Pay attention to all of your energy. Remember, any spiritual work WILL activate what is unfinished around you. This is what needs to happen. Anything you ran from, cut corners on fixing, dismissed incorrectly will come back and test you. You MUST set intention on paying attention to your energy, it is yours to protect.

  • Limit your diet, this helps anything that’s not needed from entering. This includes food, people, dishonesty, television, news, social networks, etc. Limit yourself to what gives you temporary satisfaction.

  • Create a space for you to release. This will help you give space for good energy to come back and stay, keeping you protected. Whether it’s a creative hobby, writing, singing, candles, music, a hot bath with essential oils, anything you visualize.

  • Clean your mess! Declutter all of your draws, the basement, garage, your car, old pictures, things in your phone, unfriend those people! This is ALL residual energy! You may not see it or pay attention to it, but this is VERY important. Once it's cleared not only will you have space, but now unwanted energy is gone.

  • Set boundaries and control your ego. Most of us think we do that, but you need to try harder. Family is family, of course. But nowadays our family members will screw us over before our neighbors and friends. Keep this in mind that you are your OWN entity, and need to progress into a beautiful flower that can withstand a storm. You don’t want to be a bundle of weeds between the cracks of the sidewalk cause you want to help everyone who can’t help themselves. Be a little selfish, you deserve it.

What items on your product line can possibly help with this?

Everything I sell has a little way of helping the process. I offer calming tea, which most people drink right before they meditate, go to bed, or just want to enjoy a hot day, iced. Palo Santo and Dragon Blood Sage do wonders with removing negative energy in your space. Not only can you use it inside your home, you can use it outside, in your car, whatever it takes! Last but not least, cause I'm releasing more products very soon, The Vibes Kit! This is a little bit of everything, including a stone that sucks up negative energy and replaces it with positive. There is a full detail of every product on my website.

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What is your last piece of advice on protecting your energy?

It’s like a workout plan. If you buy the tea, pills, waist trainers and shakes... you MUST do the work. You have to workout and plan a healthy diet in order to lose weight. If you don’t do these things you will be mad at the product you thought would fix the issue. Make sure when going into this there is discipline, pressure, times where you will give up, and reflection needed for progression and success.


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