Raffle: Raising Awareness Towards Domestic Violence

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

Pain Into Power is holding a raffle to raise money towards domestic violence awareness. July is my birthday month and for my 30th, I want to celebrate with you all by sending some love to 3 lucky ladies. Giving back during this pandemic has been on my mind for the past couple weeks but I wasn't sure where to begin or how to go about it. I wanted it to be beneficial and embrace women empowerment, therefore collaborating with women entrepreneurs who have their own brands and businesses where proceeds go towards saving our sisters. In order to join the raffle, it is $15 a ticket and $20 for 2 tickets. Please email amberle@painintopower.co if you are interested and you will receive a raffle ticket in your inbox. Winners will be announced August 16th!

We stand against not only domestic violence but oppression, racism, etc. We stand for a better world. Not only are we committing to this mission but we are taking action as well. It doesn't stop at raising awareness but everything before, in-between and after. NCADV has posted up free curriculums to advocates and educators to prevent domestic violence from happening in the first place. This organization holds meetings and webinars and consistently staying active in the mission. Pain Into Power holds healing circles, self defense camps and more. The second organization I have chosen to donate to is Town Clock Community Development Corporation whose mission is to provide affordable housing for survivors so they can get their lives back on track without having to worry about a place to lay their heads. They also hold honorary events towards anybody contributing towards advocacy against Domestic Violence titled "Being Brave." The overall goal of Pain Into Power is to eventually build a shelter and be able to help survivors get up on their feet whether it's providing education, jobs, interview skills, etc. I am proud to announce that I will be donating 40 percent of the proceeds towards both NCADV and TCTDC!

Just some up to date statistics before we get into the raffle:

  • 20 people per minute are physically abused by an intimate partner in the United States.

  • Every 9 seconds a woman is assaulted or beaten in the US.

  • In one year, this equals more than 10 million women and men

  • 1 in 3 women and 1 in 4 men have experienced some form of physical violence by an intimate partner

  • New estimates from the United Nations Population Fund suggest that three months of quarantine will result in a 20 percent rise in Intimate Partner Violence throughout the world

  • The report predicts at least 15 million additional cases of IPV will occur as a result of COVID-19 lockdown in total


My contribution to the 3 gift baskets will be my new Survivors Gear. I will be including "I Am Survivor" tank tops for the ladies to work out in, wear over their bikinis or rock them proudly on a regular day, whatever you prefer. These pieces are exclusive as of right now and will be launching 08/24 in honor of Kobe Bryant so be sure to check back.

I am pleased to present my collaborators who have all donated their products towards the cause and voiced their opinion on how important raising awareness towards domestic violence means to each of them individually. I have a special bond with each of these ladies whether we have worked together before or just simply connected, I am proud and so thankful to each and every single one of them for offering their products and services for this raffle.


  • Spicy HairCare is a haircare line dedicated to creating a bold and spicy look. I will be donating shampoo and hair bonnets to the gift baskets.

  • Raising awareness about domestic violence is important because I wasn't always in the healthiest relationships and I know first hand how scary it can be. Being with someone who is verbally and physically abusive can deplete your confidence and make you feel alone.

  • My advice for survivors on their healing journey, is to seek therapy. If therapy isn't available, find healthy ways to decompress and relax. Meditation and prayer has been great ways for me to release a lot of the trauma that built up overtime from past relationships.

  • Instagram and Facebook: @spicyhaircare - the website is spicyhaircare.com


  • Mary Love is a born psychic medium and scientist based out of Northern New Jersey. Her services include psychic readings, mediumship readings, health energy readings, custom spiritual work, spiritual/life coaching sessions, and spiritual teachings (group, corporate, and individual). Her spiritual gifts and scientific mind have helped impact others in seeing the beauty in relativity of her work. She aims to positively impact all communities and walks of life with bridging the connection of spiritualism and science as well as guiding others towards enlightenment.

  • I am donating 3 complimentary readings (2 health energy and one purpose reading)

  • Raising domestic violence awareness is important because violence is silences amongst so many men and women globally. We need to shed light on the subject, and allow others to know their resources as well as options for getting help. Domestic violence may not always be physical, and the help is out there. We need to guide others to find their way.

  • Advice I have for survivors on their healing journey is: Do not be afraid to seek help from others and ask questions. Be ready to open the wound in order to properly heal through reflection, tears, strength building, and taking control of you (body, mind, spirit). It's never too late.

  • Instagram and Twitter: @mf_love11 and www.northjerseymedium.com


  • Cora's Cravings was started to satisfy my love for cooking in hopes of one day owning a food truck. All of my meals are homemade and I even give out amazing cooking tips as well as offering catering, vending and personal chef services. Book me to satisfy your cravings. I will be donating 3 mac and cheese jars 

  • Raising awareness for domestic violence is important because we have to be the voice of change for people who are voiceless. DV is a mental and physical aspect that can cancel out how someone would normally act or feel and sometimes women and/or men in a DV relationship needs more than a voice but a helping hand. 

  • The advice I would give to a DV survivor is to take it slow, life is not a race but a marathon. Your healing process is designed for you and your progression.. don't feel rushed or feel as if you're taking too much time to heal, thus there is no time limits for healing. This rewarding journey of healing is not easy but worth it.

  • Instagram: @coracravings


  • The Curl Recipe is a Black & Latina owned vegan hair company selling all the tools, recipes & ingredients your hair needs to reverse any damaged curls, while restoring moisture, bounce and shine back into your curls & coils

  • Raising domestic violence awareness is important to me because there’s a lot of ignorance surrounding domestic violence. Domestic violence is split up into categories (physical, sexual, physiological, emotional) If I personally was more aware, maybe I wouldn’t have felt so alone when I was going through it. “Why don’t you just leave?” Hearing stories from other survivors is a relief for me because I don’t feel so alone. I feel as though a lot of people are embarrassed to open up about such a sensitive topic because they may be scared of what others will think, say, or classify them as. No one wants to be known as “The Girl who got Beat On”.

  • A piece of advice I would give to domestic violence survivors on their healing journey is “You’re not alone. Build a strong support system, whether it’s family, good friends... people who know the REAL you. Being in a relationship with someone who is manipulative, controlling can make you feel like you’ve lost yourself, your voice, your confidence and sometimes we just need a little reminding on who we were before the hurt. Give yourself time to heal... you can not recover from this overnight. Personally, I would encourage even seeing a councilor or someone to express your feelings with if you’re not comfortable going to a family member. And always remember... YOU ARE SMART, YOU ARE STRONG, YOU ARE WORTHY! 

  • Instagram: @the_curl_recipe and the website is www.thecurlrecipe.com


  • Mystic Michele is handmade jewelry. I will be donating 9 healing crystals/gemstones. I also have a Poetry page for mental health and abuse on Instagram and Facebook.

  • Raising domestic violence awareness is important because has been a deep rooted mission of mine as I have also walked the journey and honored the recovery. T

  • Advice for domestic violence survivors: The cycle of abuse leaves deep rooted scars that from the outside cannot be seen; leading to depression, isolation, emptiness and suffering in silence.   I have honored the struggles with my own experience and healing and have pledged my purpose to enlighten those who don't understand, comfort those who do, heal those who are striving to move to the next chapter..  

  • Instagram: @mysticmichele


  • Heal & Glow was birthed from being an esthetician, and I have been in the health & wellness field for over 4 years. My products help women enhance their natural beauty. We use ingredients from the earth & keeping it simple. Every woman is beautiful & deserves to feel their best everyday. I enjoy making women feel good from the products I create - that is my reward. "You are altogether beautiful my darling, there is no flaw in you" - Song of Solomon 4:7. I will be donating avocado hair mask and body scrub to each basket.

  • Raising domestic violence awareness is important because as a woman it's important to know our value & our worth. We do not ever need to accept any kind of abuse from anyone, especially men. We are equal to them & the world needs our beauty, intellect, kindness, & nurturing behavior -women have so much to offer this world & we cannot be teared down by men. Loving ourselves makes the best version of yourself & it's important to let women know they deserve the best that life has to offer & they aren't alone in this world. 

  • Advice I have for domestic violence survivors is to turn to God first & ask Him for help in healing - He can really change your pain. He can give you a new life & He will never stop helping you. This journey will only make you stronger - You are a SURVIVOR. 

  • Instagram: @healandglowbyeg


  • The Beauty Effect was established in 2019. I specialize in eyelash extensions and full body waxing. Soon to provide additional quality beauty services to give you more of The Beauty Effect! I will be donating a reduced service to the gift baskets.

  • Raising domestic violence awareness is important because too many people, women especially, have been scrutinized or shamed for telling the truth about their experiences. They have been muted and/or afraid for so many reasons that do not justify any wrongful actions done to them. It’s unjust. I believe strongly in listening to someone, knowing right from wrong and choosing to help. It is important that light is shed on this very topic because it is real. “Awareness is the greatest agent for change.” -Eckhart Tolle

  • Advice to domestic violence survivors: Keep going. Keep planting those seeds to support your growth. Keep setting the example for women and even men around the world to show the bravery that you inspire. You are a conqueror and to hold such strength and turn your Pain into Power is admirable! 

  • Instagram: @thebeautyeffect___


  • StellaDream (my brand) represents the ability to be woman who is undefined & powerful. A woman who remains true to herself unapologetically- Your body, your attitude, your goals and aspirations - Own it. You can be anyone that you dream to be. Dreamy Drinks derived from the idea of embracing your dreams while indulging in delicious cocktails. I will be donating 2 signature drinks to each basket.

  • Raising domestic violence awareness is important because to spread support & knowledge could save a life. We fight our own battles and demons daily , but someone breaking us down whether physically, mentally or emotionally is not a battle to go through alone. 

  • My advice for domestic violence survivors is healing is not linear & it takes time. Whatever you do , put your needs first. You are your true love.

  • Instagram: @dreamydrinks_


  1. Anna Cakes It came from my love of creating happiness through baking. I can donate 3 Boxes of cupcakes, each box has 4 cupcakes 

  2. Raising domestic violence awareness is important to me because I have seen how an abusive relationship can affect an individual, both physically and emotionally. Raising awareness can help these victims know they are not alone. Raising awareness can also help address the problem and let the public know that this does exist and we need to do something about it. 

  3. Advice to survivors: Keep moving forward and do not look back. 

  4. Instagram: @annacakesit


  • Brick House Mafia Music Inc is a full service indie record label that gives independent artist access to a global distribution system and a dedicated team that provides all aspects of marketing and promotion services. I will be donating 30 days of free promotion for any business/service or 30 days of free music distribution. As a bonus, I’m both a Herbalife & MaryKay International distributor. I can include up to $50 of any product.

  • Raising awareness to domestic violence is so important to me not only because I have been a victim ; but I am a living testimony that there is life after it. 

  • My advice to all survivors , you are not alone and with the proper support you can pull through.

  • Instagram: @brickhousemafiamusicinc


  • Hair By Peru; Hair is my passion, however, my brand is not just for the hair industry, it’s my platform which I will use for the greater good, to guide other entrepreneurs, to help others start a foundation of their own, to secure a great future for their family, to spread knowledge, to prosper, communicate and bring light to others, to network and make things happen for a greater cause. We must all have great intentions, because our intentions, I believe matters the most. I am super excited to gift 3 lucky winners their choice of hairstyle 

  • 1. Halfway braids freestyle with curls or straight hair or bun. 2. Two natural braids. 3. Front top braids with curls or straight hair or bun. All styles include accessories and a hint of any color upon request.

  • Raising domestic violence awareness is important to me because I’ve lived and seen it growing up with my parents. I can now see how my mother, aunts and other female family friends, would brush the wrong-doings of their husband whether it was cheating (mental) or being physical. Being 8 years old and seeing these group of woman just cry and try to drink away their issues, made me feel like it was normal and apart of life, and honestly I thought being married, that’s what you had to deal with. Thinking about it now, I feel so sad for the young me, and my sisters and cousins, and sad for my elder female family members, who were also suffering just because they were scared of what others would think if they got a divorce. I can keep going as far as why Domestic Violence triggers me; If presented in front of me, I will always do what I can to protect, guide and help woman and men going through domestic violence, and even those who have ended their trauma and said enough is enough, may they come my way so I can truly praise and honor them and let them know they are not alone,  and they CAN transform pain to power. 

  • My advice to survivors would be to really take a step back after leaving the trauma, and seeing the difference on how they feel now, as oppose to being with someone who just made them anxious and suffocated them with negativity, not happy at all.  Think about it, you’re not worried anymore, you feel free, less anxious, less angry, less arguing, less thoughts about what if this and what if that. Look at the blessings and people who have surrounded you after leaving the toxic waste. Also, it’s okay to cry it out and still feel angry here and there, but just make sure you brush all of that off and pick yourself right back up and keep it moving. Have that one person on speed dial,  and if you don’t have someone, now you do, because I know Pain to Power will make sure you do, Pain to Power will be huge, yet so personal that you will feel at home and at peace. 

  • Instagram: @hairbyperu


  • MakeItHappen is my brand. I have always been a vocal artist in singing R&B or hip hop, regaeton and much more.  I have had radio shows such as HeartzoftheCity, BreakALeg and others. I write poetry am writing my book and I have been an activist in the community of NJ all my life. I believe I am a healer of many including myself and am committed to breaking the bondage over my blood line and all I can encounter. I am a woman with many hats but my greatest accomplishment is being a woman and developer of the future. Manifesting greatness with my actions in good intentions. I will be donating a 1:1 session to see if client needs help with any resources I may have along with nutrition products and make up

  • Raising domestic violence awareness is important because I have dealt with it around me all my life and we need people to know the experience does not define your outcome. You are not the result of your environment. We are not alone and you will get through it. We have children we need to raise, dreams and goals to accomplish. Loving ourselves is key to bind this illness amongst our people. It’s not about bashing our partners but letting people evolve and heal from a place of peace. It takes time to heal. It takes time to grow. 

  • Advice for survivors: Personal Development, Health and fitness, creative outlets, having a network of survivors are all things that can help the healing journey and it will take time to learn how to replace bad habits with good ones. Do not blame yourself but take responsibility to take action and affirm the fact that your a bad ass who survived and declares the ability to thrive.  Make goals and structured plans.  

  • Instagram: @makeithappen411

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