Turning Your Pain Into Power

During a time like this when there's a global pandemic going on and everybody is forced to stay at home, many tend to forget that there are women, men and children that are currently quarantined with their abusers. Work and school may have been their only relief from their household and for now, even that is on standby until further notice. It brings back memories from when my abuser would take me out of my element and isolate me from family and friends, imagine dealing with that for an indefinite amount of time. Domestic violence calls to the police are currently skyrocketing... reminding me of why I even started Pain Into Power.

In the year 2018 on Thanksgiving, I met Finale, a fitness trainer that DJ Suss One introduced me to during the holiday season. He held a dinner for his close friends and family that year. While they were taking shots and playing cards in the kitchen, a few of us took the liberty to sit in the living room to watch the Saints game. While we were waiting for the game to come on, we all got to talking about passions and dreams. When he asked me what I did, I told him that I've been bartending for 9 years and media for more than that. But when I brought up that I was a domestic violence advocate, he pointed out - THAT was what I cared most about. He then began to tell me about his background and that he was much more than just a trainer in the gym. He described that he taught self defense. Talk about alignment... the idea had crossed my mind before but I wasn't sure who to use or how to go about it.

I remember living in an apartment with little to no furniture and with my mattress on the bedroom floor, I brought it to life with the help of my best friend, Ivy, who's sat there and talked me through anxiety attacks and wiped away tears when things just weren't going my way. February 2nd, 2019 - I found my strength and finally began executing the pink print. I gathered a couple of people to film a video that would demonstrate the techniques we wanted to teach (still on my Instagram now). We then held a one day course that summer in August. Special thank you to Retro Fitness for allowing me to use their Woodbridge and West Orange locations to film and hold classes. Although we had a great turn out and I was so happy with the outcome, something was missing and I told my team, I have to go back to the drawing board.

I wanted something more powerful, I wanted the message to get across of how important it is to know how to defend yourself. I thought about collaborating with a few businesses from franchise gyms, to athletic apparel, to fitness instructors, to other advocates and in the end, chose to do what I felt was best for, not only me, but for the women who have survived domestic, physical and sexual abuse.

After numerous talks, Finale and I have personalized demonstrations catered towards self defense for women while incorporating krav maga, jujitsu and more to teach you the necessary pressure points. We will be providing different classes and camps geared towards protecting yourself where you will learn to: 1.) assess, approach and handle real life threats 2.) gain the acuity, confidence and tenacity to take control of the scenario 3.) enhance your ability to have better awareness to avoid it before it happens 4.) weapons and melee attack disarmament 5.) weapons and close quarter combat tactics.

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